Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The mystery of photos

This is my grandparent´s farm on Senja, an island in the north of Norway. My grandfather stands beside the house. He was working with timber and buildings, and built this house and lawn with his own hands. My grandmother stands on the left side close to the little road leading up to the house. She bore seven children, three died as infants. They both got to be over 90 years old before they went over.

This is a glimpse into another reality.

I took a serial of photos using myself as a model. It was strange to look at the diversity of looks, the light, the expressions on the face. Looking at me from the outside gave me a feeling of strangeness, usually I look at the world from the inside, and it is other people´s judgement and reactions that tells me about myself. This woman, myself, now 55 years old, lived on the farm above when she was five. She ate rhubarbs in the garden and ran on the road visiting the neighbor´s boy almost every day, to play.

It is a time so long ago, I can hardly remember it at all. 

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